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    250 Largest Global Retailers

    Report (pdf)

    (sales weighted currency adjusted composite growth rate) source: 2010 2011 2012

    Retail Strategy

    All retail strategy depends on a well planned retail network (physical and virtual).

    A physical store network  effectively cannot be changed once it is built out. Location strategy is therefore the key opportunity to  think though the issues for today and the future.

    InterStratics has experience with some of the most successful retail expansions which we can bring to the table with your expansion strategy.

    Typically our analysis includes:

    Macro Analysis - Portfolio-wide opportunity evaluation measured on a consistent basis

    • Evaluation of key performance indicators
    • External factor analysis
    • Future performance benchmarking
    • Market opportunity analysis
    • Prioritization of go-to and expansion markets

    Micro Analysis - Market-wide evaluation of individual opportunities measured in a comparable and comprehensive manner

    • Detailed performance and competition analysis
    • Evaluation of changes to the market
    • Optimal network configuation
    • Identification and prioritization of steps to optimize market configuration


    Our team has conducted many of these analyses and has incorporated a number of lessons from our experience.

     Some of these lessons are: