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    Advanced Analytics

    By blending data mining with financial metrics, then using AI methods, we deliver meaningful analysis, accurate and stable anayses.

    It is our belief that AI solutions must be driven from accurate data and methodologies. This sets accurate results apart from the rest!

    The NY Times recently published an article:

    A Data Explosion Remakes Retailing

    MOST people think of the grand challenges in computing as big science projects, like simulating nuclear explosions or protein folding. But with the holiday shopping season just ended, consider another: retail marketing.

    Retailing is emerging as a real-world incubator for testing how computer firepower and smart software can be applied to social science — in this case, how variables like household economics and human behavior affect shopping.....

    InterStratics has thrived in this space for over 15 years and our experience with large retailers can bring deep expertise to your projects!

    Our consultants have tapped this information for some of the most successful retail programmes at numerous billion-dollar organizations. We can bring this expertise to your organization.

    Our analysis techniques distill the vast transactional data into relevant insight by examining relationships within the data, spatially and among the competition.

    Having been in the corporate environment, we know what you are looking for. We set up simple but comprehensive methods for you to monitor performance over time. Consistently.

    By using Excel, we leave you with a tool that you are able to update over time. Easily.

    Some recent examples include:

    • Complete demographic and market share analysis to deliver accurate forecasts for a major retailer
    • Live multiple regression identifying performance drivers  - In Excel (substantially increasing productivity)
    • Mapping solution integrated with social media information for a 400 unit network 
    • Best customer analysis - transactional data to determine the best customers and  boost profit per customer