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    Location Analysis


    Spatially aware methodologies provide an opportunity for analysis, visualization and decisionmaking. 

    Today, unprecedented spatial data is available from many sources. By linking these data sets by geography, analysis and accuracy can be boosted to levels not possible in the past.

    By adding the locational component to traditional analyses, a new and valuable level of insight can be achieved. Distance is an important decision factor used by customers in deciding where to make their purchases. Understanding this relationship will provide better forecasts and decisions.

    Our location analysis methodologies have been refined through over 10 years of analysis. Let us show you how we can work with your team to bring these best practices to your organization.

    Our methodologies include:

    • Modelling your customers behaviours using geography
    • Clustering your customers
    • Proprietary live regression techniques which boost accuracy and adapt immediately
    • Forecasts that are among the most accurate in the industry
    • What-if models that examine multple scenarios and select the most suitable one

    Let us bring our experience to your table!

    Is your customer draw convenience, destination or both?

    Sample of a distance decay graph by category for a single retail location

    What is the value proposition when looked at relative to your competitors locations? How does it differ from different points within the trade area?

    What is the behaviour of your customers from these different points?
    Let us apply our geographic competitive forces model to your customer data.
    Not looking at your data this way blends variation to yield lower accuracy. It is a common practice.  Don't make this mistake!

    Our services include:

    • Market Share Analysis
    • Retail Network Opportunities
    • Macro / Micro Analysis
    • Best Customer Analysis
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Site Analysis


     Where are  the customers you are missing?

    Where does the customer shop? (Spider maps show the complex draw of a retail network)


    Complete Spatial Solution now available! InterStratics has recently begun setting up complete spatial capabilities for our clients using Maptitude software. This fully capable software comes with complete data + google maps + high resolution satellite images for ~$700. Combined with our data and analytics setup, you get advanced in-house spatial capabilities for a fraction of the cost of previous solutions.  Contact us for more information.