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    • Mapinfo format
    • 2011 Census Boundaries
    • Free support
    • All of Canada - Urban & Rural
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    Update: RealDA Now used at some of the largest retail organizations in Canada


    What is RealDA?

    • RealDA is the only national digital mapping file that has been clipped to show only populated areas.
    • It is a boundary file that provides a realistic and accurate locational distribution of the residential population across Canada.
    • RealDA corresponds to census datasets to allow for the most accurate street level mapping anywhere in Canada.


    InterStratics has manually adjusted the boundaries of every DA in Canada to reflect populated areas by excluding:

    • Unpopulated areas
    • Areas unconnected to the national road grid
    • Lakes and rivers
    • Industrial Areas
    • Parks etc…

    The resulting boundary file provides for more accurate mapping than ever while preserving the Statistics Canada boundary hierarchy. This is the best file to generate thematic maps for Canada


    • Consistent methodology across all of Canada
      • All urban areas
      • All rural areas
    • True representation of population distribution
    • Accurate density thematic maps now possible
    • Accurate dot density thematic maps now possible
    • Reflects growth zones more precisely
    • Considers distance to road network
    • Consistent with Statistics Canada 2011 geography


    For More Information or Additional Formats Please Call 416-642-2875