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    We can create a custom workshop(s) for you and your team. Our workshops are taught by post-secondary instructors with many years of MBA, Graduate and Undergraduate teaching experience. The topics are framed to contemporary issues but customized to your business and your data. 
    Objective: To apply advance analytics to your data and to show how various analytical techniques can be applied in a consistent and accurate manner.
    You can expect to leave the workshop armed with an understanding of advanced analytical techniques as they apply to your data and the ability to apply them immediately.
    Our Workshops can be tailored to your needs and include four one-day seminars. We recommend 1-5 participants per workshop)
    1. Overview of analytics
    2. Analytics basics
    3. Data and Analysis paradigms
    4. Which techniques to use and not use 
    5. Real world examples
    6. Common errors
    7. Wrap-up
    • Why geography is important
    • Geography basics
    • How to link disparate data with geography
    • GIS Introduction
    • GIS Advanced (customized)
    • Strategy basics
    • How to formulate strategic roadmaps
    • Sales vs Profit - how to optimize and link forecasts to financials
    • Three horizon strategies
    • Why the innovators dilemma keeps happening - long tern vs. short term
    • Some valuable strategic frameworks
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    • Beyond the hype - real world AI opportunities
    • What is AI and how is it different from traditional methodologies
    • Data that works with AI
    • Skills for developing AI
    • Skills for operationalizing Ai
    • Emerging trends in AI
    Real world AI applications 
    • Exploiting internal and external unstructured datasets
    • Advance AI best practices
    • Customized use case (product, sentiment, recommendation etc..)
    • Where AI goes wrong and how to remedy