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    Walmart Q3


    Walmart released their quarterly results yesterday. Below is a quote from Doug McMillon - President and Chief Executive Officer, Walmart International (Source: Seeking Alpha)

    In Canada, our net sales grew 3.8% benefiting from last year’s record expansion program. Operating income grew 3.6% slightly slower than sales due to our investments in new stores and our rapidly growing e-commerce business. Comparable sales decreased 1.3%, with ticket up 0.2% and traffic down 1.5%. We had strong comp sales in food and consumables, but continued to see softer sales in entertainment as industry specific challenges persist.

    In the Nielsen Company, measured categories of food and consumables reinforcing the strength of our supercenter food business. Warmer weather in September and early October negatively impacted sales and hardlines and apparel. Gross profit rate decreased as we continued to invest in price for our customers. We have realized increased (Technical Difficulty) Canada leveraged operating expenses by 6 basis points through EDLC initiatives focused on supply chain and operations productivity. Walmart Canada’s website offers primarily general merchandise with an emphasis on heritage categories, including home, apparel, electronics and hardlines.

    Information about our fresh food selection available in our supercenters is also provided. Walmart Canada offers shipping to home and in the majority of cases it is proved. We are pleased with the results of our e-commerce business in Canada. During the quarter, traffic was up 42% and sales up 96% over the prior year. During the quarter, we completed four supercenter expansions and six in-box conversions. We now operate 380 stores across all Canadian provinces with 227 supercenters and 153 discount stores. Included in these projects were four new supercenters in Atlantic Canada as we continue to bring our one-stop shopping offer to Eastern Canada.

    Below is a summary of recent Canadian sales that we have compiled from Walmart filings:

    Walmart Canada Performance
    Period Total Sales ∆ Ticket ∆ Comp Traffic ∆
    Q32014 3.80% 0.20% -1.30% -1.50%
    Q22014  6.20% 0.20% -0.40% -0.60%
    Q12014 6.10% 0.70% -1.30% -2%
    Q42013 5% 0.10% -1.90% -2%
    Q32013 4.90% 1.70% 0.70% -1%
    Q22013 3.80% 0.90% 0.50% -0.40%
    Q12013 7.10% 1.10% 3.70% 2.60%
    Q42012 4.10% 2.30% 1.10% -1.20%
    Q32012 4.90% 2.20% 0.90% -1.30%
    Q22012 5% 2.10% 1.20% -0.90%
    Q12012 4.40% 3.60% -0.60% -4.20%
    Q42011 4.80% 0.60% 0.40% -0.20%
    Q32011 4.60% -0.30% -0.40% -0.10%
    Q22011 4.20% 0.40% 0.00% -0.40%
    Q12011 4.90% 0.60% 1% 0.40%
    Q42010 2.60% -0.60% -1.10% -0.50%
    Q32010 5.20% 0.90% 1.20% 0.30%
    Q22010 5.80% 1.70% 0.60% -1.10%



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